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In 1996, I came across the following question from someone on the Internet, who wanted to improve an AI algortihm for horse racing. I suggested him to contact Charles Babbage, and got this reply:

>Joerg Heitkoetter wrote:
> |> I am looking for some one who might have experience in this field
> |> dealing with horse racing and AI. I have the horse racing program,
> |> ROI's at 20-35%...just want to make it better...
> |>
> |> Any input?
> Ask Charles Babbage.
who is charles babbage? where do i find him?

Hi there, the short answer…


An exercise in modeling by capability

Jörg Heitkötter (joke)


Modeling is an iterative process that combines and recombines partially accurate and partially inaccurate ideas into an abstract description of “the subject matter (aka domain) of our modeling exercise”. This description then needs to be refined until it forms a model of “the subject matter of our modeling exercise” that can be used to test hypotheses on “the subject matter of our modeling exercise”. Without iteration, the resulting model is as useless (wrong), as the individual observations of the six blind men in the traditional Indian fable used to illustrate…

Paul A. Strassman, CIO icon from the US, became famous for his research that showed that spending on IT systems does not automatically add value to a business, and can even lower overall productivity. (See: Paul A. Strassman. The Business Value of Computers, 1997).

One of the followers of his school of thought, Nick Carr, came to the same conclusion in 2003 from analysing the evolution of IT technologies, and their diminishing competitive advantage. The discussion of his equally provocative, as well as historical article, “IT Does not Matter” in HBR (Harvard Business Review) even continues today.

Steve Jobs later…

Neulich im Passat GTE: Mein WARP-Kern leuchtet blau!

Seit Februar 2018 habe ich das Glück einen Passat Variant GTE Hybrid zu fahren, der von seinem Vorbesitzer immerhin 5,000 km weit gefahren worden ist, und auf seiner Langzeitverbrauchsanzeige 8,1 Liter Super auf 100 km anzeigte.

VW gibt in der Verkaufsbrochure von 2017 einen gemittelten Verbrauch Elektrisch / Verbrenner von 1,9 Liter Super auf 100 km an. …

Wardley maps are a “relatively new way” (Simon will have a good laugh at this), to improve a company’s situational awareness and strategic planning process — or as I would like to put it: Wardley maps are a great way to enhance the standard Enterprise Architecture modeling tool chain.

Wardley maps add the dimension of technology evolution over time, relative to a company’s value streams, a book on the subject matter is available under creative commons. Introductions on using Wardley maps are available in many places, including slideshare, YouTube has many of Simon Wardley’s talks — Google is your friend.

Using Sketch View in Archi 4.2

(the free and open source ArchiMate Modeling tool)

As a recovering Enterprise Architect, I do not want to use Atlas or any other tool in “genesis or custom built state” for creating Wardley maps, including power point templates.

I want it in the Enterprise Architecture standard tools, e.g. as a set of Wardley mapping templates. I just started this journey using one of the standard EA (town planner) tools called Archi, which uses the ArchiMate modelling language, defined by the Open Group for enterprise architects to support their TOGAF model.

Archi has a Sketch View mode, using colored stickies, which allows me to create various “Wardley sketches”, I…

Well — Due to the fact that both titles “The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to DevOps” and “The Hitch-Hiker’s guide to the Cloud” have been taken, I needed to come up with a new title for my reflections on 23+ years in the commercial Internet space.

Bottom line: It’s been a roller coaster experience, from great success and market leader in Germany, and Europe to steady decline — which has largely been shaped by the Telecoms carrier sector, after our Internet Service Provider (ISP) start-up from 1984 founded by the Usenix group members at the University of Dortmund, became a commercial operation…

When night falls on your office, great ideas emerge. Sometimes.

A long while ago, I was working on a program to identify the next big challenges in IT, and how to tackle them. It had multiple work streams, including collaboration and the tools we all tend to use to communicate in globally distributed teams.

One idea I proposed, but got not through the committee large corporations tend to form for such programs, was to investigate the number of unread E-Mail across all lines of business. All we agreed upon was, that “there is way too much E-Mail” (e.g. each corporate line of business had their own communication team, so many…

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1563)

One of the most intriguing stories published about culture’s influence on collaborative engineering projects can be found in “The Mythical Man-Month” by Frederick P. Brooks. His book is a classic within Computer Science and also goes by the moniker “TMMM”.

Numerous empirical studies on software engineering projects have referenced TMMM, and almost every research paper in the relatively new Empirical Software Engineering [ESE 2011] discipline within computer science, starts with quoting it. Also many of the key figures in the DevOps movement are pointing to this 40+ year old book-How come?

Published in 1975, TMMM still provides valuable insight into…

Jörg Heitkötter (joke)

Internet Pioneer & Innovator. The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation (1992), EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet (1993), etc.

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